Tony Turner

About Tony Turner Accountants

Having trained as a Chartered Accountant, qualifying in 1979, Tony continued with a professional career within two large accounting firms in Newcastle, and ultimately left in 1994 to become one of the founding partners in what is now a major independent accounting practice in the city.

He withdrew from that partnership in 2001 to pursue a three-year “sabbatical” from private practice within a major local leisure and entertainment business, and formally set up this practice on a full time basis in June 2004. Amongst other things, he has taken a few commercial blows himself, and as he puts it “been around the block” a few times, and has learned well from his own experiences, which is not always the case with many advisers.

Having spent over 35 years in the profession in and around Newcastle, he retains a particular interest in owner-managed businesses, not only assisting with their day-to-day administrative, accounting and compliance requirements, but also supporting them in achieving their own business and personal aims and objectives.

We currently act for a wide variety of businesses and individuals, including retail; leisure; property; the licensed trade; professional services; construction and contracting; whether sole traders, partnerships or limited companies. We comprise a very modest, but experienced, focused and flexible team of four, and whilst cover is important in relation to ongoing services, the main areas of work are channelled through specific individuals.

From the minute clients, contacts and visitors come into contact with us, we aim to create the right impression and throughout the team we pay great attention to giving everyone the resources and the responsibility needed to do this. We aim to develop the firm in mutual recognition of each other's personal and professional requirements, as well as those of our clients and others with whom we work.

Above everything else, we need to feel valued by each other in the work we do and by those we serve, and in addition along the way, get something out for ourselves, AND HAVE SOME FUN DOING IT.

The working environment within the firm is deliberately informal, and each individual’s clothing and appearance is left to his or her own best judgment. All we ask is that it’s appropriate.

Training and development is not restricted to technical matters, but reflects the need to think laterally, and most of all, to “THINK CLIENT”. To achieve this, participation and involvement is encouraged, and all of us speak freely about issues affecting our personal and professional development and the way in which we serve our clients.

We aim to run our business in a humane, transparent, trusting, productive, exhilarating and rewarding environment, and we think that our clients benefit from such a freethinking and proactive approach.

Tony acknowledges the wisdom of Henry Ford, and comments “ I understand that as Principal, it is not I who pays our salaries. IT IS THE SERVICE WHICH WE GIVE TO OUR CLIENTS THAT PAYS OUR SALARIES. I merely handle the money.”

I hope you see something which attracts you to working with us at some stage.



Telephone: 0191 488 9393  .  Facsimile: 0191 488 9444  .  Mobile (Tony): 07860 648 149
Spencer House, Market Lane, Swalwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE16 3DS